Friday, 17 December 2010

Another Book Challenge for 2011...

The 2011 Stephen King Challenge!
Hosted by BookChickCity
Welcome to The 2011 Stephen King Challenge! I love horror, and I've loved every Stephen King book I've read. Unfortunately that's not that many. I really want to read more books written by this amazing author, which is why I created this challenge. So, if like me you want to delve further into the dark imagination of Stephen King, then join me in my quest!
This time to read a minimum of 6 Stephen King books in 2011. I can do that! The Stand is long overdue a re-read and I also have the entire Dark Tower series sitting neatly on the shelf. OK, that's 8 so far. And I still haven't read Under the Dome, On Writing or Full Dark No Stars yet. One more to choose and that gives me 12. Will have to think about that... I haven't read either It or The Tommyknockers, are they worth reading? Or what would you recommend instead? Let me know what Stephen King book should make the list in the comments.

Reviews will be published on this site so watch out for the first one in January. 
All reviews will be tagged with #SKChallenge2011


  1. Hi! I just signed up for the 2011 Stephen King Challenge too (I'm #68!), and am dropping by to visit other participants. My focus will be rereading the Dark Tower series, then perhaps exploring his more recent works (I'm hoping he wont disappoint me the way he did for Cell and Lisey's Story!). Happy reading and reviewing!

  2. Welcome to The 2011 Stephen King Challenge! Thanks for signing up and good luck with your challenges, I hope you reach your reading goals :)

  3. On Writing is a great read and he gives out some wonderful writing tips to wannabe authors. The Stand I am finding difficult to break into, but I'm sure it will improve as the chapters progress. IT is outstanding. Good luck with the challenge, happy reading and what a great blog you have!

    Richard :)

  4. IT is Stephen King's BEST novel ever.

    Forget The Stand or the Dark Tower (hard to do I know) but IT is the definitive King novel.