Monday, 29 March 2010

New home for Murf!

Welcome to my new residence!
So I've moved from Posterous... and this will now be my personal blog for the time being.

Why the move?
The simple answer is that I want to add images to my posts and I cannot do that on Posterous. I find I write a lot in one post, so having images to break up the blocks of text makes for easier reading on screen. I do like to consider my readers you know! Plus I want you to come back again and again.

Will there be changes?
Other than the addition of images, the overall content will remain the same. I will blog about books, music and anything else that crosses my mind when I am in the mood to write. As books are my passion, it figures that the majority of posts will involve reading in some form or other. I will also post links to book reviews I have written for Temple Library Reviews and Speculative Book Reviews

Is there a plan?
Well, no, not really! If I want to focus on something specific in the future, I'll set up another blog, but for now this is a work in progress, a journal with space to evolve and grow. I have only recently rediscovered writing for pleasure and this will be where I practice and experiment.

So what is next?
I have been sorting out my non-fiction books which means it is very likely I am going to write about them! There is a curious mix of science, mythology, history, spirituality, and rock biographies. I wonder what an analyst would make of my non-fiction collection ? *ponders*
Next weekend I am off to Eastercon Odyssey 2010 where I am meeting up with a group of bloggers I met through Twitter. I will write my personal take on the event, which should be interesting as it's my first ever convention.
Watch this space guys. And of course your comments are always welcome :-)


  1. Glad to see you have moved, actually - I started reading after someone linked to your omnibus post and was going to comment on it but I'm not a Posterous user so I couldn't work out how! :)

  2. Thank you for your comment :-) It's my first one since I moved here. I like your Tuesday Teaser idea. I won't copy it directly, but you have given me an idea...

  3. Can't take the credit for it unfortunately :) But glad it was inspiring!